St. Paul's Lutheran School

Band Boosters

Band Booster General Information
Welcome to the new Band Boosters web page! This page will be updated regularly with important Band Booster news, such as upcoming Booster meetings, fundraising information and other band news you can use!
What are the Band Boosters? We are the school's band support organization and membership includes all parents of band students at St. Paul's. We plan and execute band fundraisers, share ideas to improve and promote the band program, and assist the band director in many other ways. All parents are welcome and encouraged to come to the Booster meetings and participate in band activities during the school year. 
Why do we fundraise? We fundraise to: 1) cover the costs associated with the purchase and repair of instruments; 2) purchase music; 3) provide money to supplement costs for students, such as participation in music festivals; and, 4) provide funds for other expenses incurred by the program which are not covered under the school budget.
Thank you for choosing to enrich your child's life through instrumental music education at St. Paul's!