St. Paul's Lutheran School


St. Paul's prides itself on offering a 21st century learning environment for all students preschool - 8th grade.
Nearly 200 computers here are running Windows XP or Windows 7 Professional OS and Microsoft Office 2007-2012.
We have high-speed broadband Internet access and coming this summer, a fiber connection up to 20Mbps.
Students begin with programs suited to their level in preschool through 1st grade. By 2nd grade, we are teaching keyboarding skills and use of Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Intermediate and Jr. High students are on to more advanced projects such as Movie Maker, podcasts, and advanced Office skills.
Besides two computers labs, each of our classrooms has computers for teachers and student access and all rooms in grades K through 8 have projectors for the teachers' use in presenting lessons, streaming video, and much more. Teachers in grades K-4th grades have a document camera that can show anything from flat papers to 3D objects up on the big screen to share with the class.

All Classrooms are all equipped with a Promethean ActivBoard. This interactive whiteboard (IWB) enables teachers to do far more than the plain whiteboard using prepared lessons that take advantage of the IWB software.
All students in grades 6 - 8 utilize our successful one to one iPad program. 
Click on the links to the right for more information about our technology here at St. Paul's Lutheran. And please let me know if you have any questions about technology here at our school.