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Incentive Program & Procedures

New Student Referral Incentive Program
Description & Procedures
The New Student Referral Incentive Program awards a referring St. Paul’s Lutheran School family with a $200 Scrip Gift Card for each new student that is referred to, enrolls in, and attends St. Paul’s Lutheran K-8th School.
The referral program is for parents or guardians who are paying tuition for enrolled students at St. Paul’s Early Childcare Development Center – 8th grade. Students currently attending the St. Paul’s ECDC are not eligible to be referred to kindergarten at the K-8th Campus.
If you refer a new family to St. Paul’s that leads to an enrollment for the 2017-18 year in grades K-8th you will receive a $200 Scrip Gift Card on or by December 1, 2017. If a new family starts at some point during the year the Scrip Gift Card will be given after completion of a full quarter at St. Paul’s and both accounts must be in good standing.
If a referred family has two children you will receive a $400 Scrip Gift Card, if a family has three children, you will receive a $600 Scrip Gift Card, etc.
When the new family enrolls, they must mention that they were referred to St. Paul’s by you and this form must be submitted within 30 days from the date the new student was accepted. If a new family mentions more than one St. Paul’s family, the reward will be applied to the family who submits the form to the office first.
A completed "New Student Referral Incentive Program verification form" must be submitted and a name match must be indicated in the referred by field on the new student’s Enrollment Application.
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