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Summer Enrichment » 6th-8th


Incoming 6th - 8th Summer Reading Enrichment & Extra Credit Opportunities 2017-18

We are excited to offer this simple summer reading activity based on student choice.

  1. Every student who will be in grades 6-8 is encouraged to read anything and everything of interest over the summer. Studies show that the greater the variety of texts, the greater the growth for the child. For some grade-level suggestions, see the link at the right.*
  2. To earn extra credit, complete the same summer reading assignment as last summer for the book of your choosing. Use the “Fiction Reading Response Choice Board” to complete SIX (6) activities for your novel. To earn the extra credit, you must create TWO (2) tic tac toes when choosing your six activities. For example, “Plot” + “Vocabulary” + “Part Two” = one tic tac toe. For a copy of this board, click the link on the right.
  3. You must cross through the middle for both tic tac toes, so you will end up doing the Vocabulary activity twice. You can find a Frayer Model template with the other optional, pre-made activity templates on the right.
  4. Complete one activity per sheet of paper. Label each activity by cutting and pasting the directions square onto the paper with your completed activity. For a sample, click the link on the right.**
  5. To submit your work, the six pages should be stapled together with your name and grade level clearly stated on the front page.  A title page would be appropriate.  You will submit this stapled packet to your Language Arts teacher on, or before, Friday, September 1, 2017.