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Middle School Spring Musical (by Mrs. Mattoon)

St. Paul’s Lutheran School offers something amazing for our middle schoolers, the spring musical. Each year students are given the opportunity to sign up for choir and drama and together they learn lines, choreography, and music to perform a 60-70 minute musical. This activity hits many performing arts standards as well as speaking and listening standards. Mrs. Mattoon works together with Miss Klein to bring dance and music to each performance. Alumni Johnathan Haaland directs lighting and Mr. Meier coordinates sound. It is a collaboration in the true sense of the word between students and teachers. 

The students are given the opportunity to perform on the St. Paul’s platform with full costumes, make up, lights and microphones. Each year a different musical is learned. Feedback from students include, it is an entertaining way to work on public speaking skills and  an additional way to make new friends and showcase the gifts and talents of each student. Our 8th grade students get first choice when signing up for the musical, and this year we have 49 participants in grades 6th-8th in our play Twinderella. We would love to have you join us March 12th 1pm and 7pm in the event center.