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Battle of the Books (by Mrs. Robinson)

Battle of the Books (BOB) has been a wonderful addition to our campus. Our 4th and 5th grade students that join the BOB team have enjoyed reading, discussing, and quizzing on the 20 books selected each year. They meet regularly to practice questions, discuss their readings, and grow as a team. They enjoy a field trip to meet the author of one of the books.

The purpose of the program is to expose students to quality literature by prominent authors representing a variety of literary styles. The BOB program was designed and is overseen by a committee of local participating schools. A game-style competition format creates excitement and interest in reading, improving students’ reading skills, and exposing them to literature that they might not choose on their own. The highlight of the season is the Spring Tournament day. 

Last year it was our joy to watch our students grow and gel as a team. It was a true joy to watch how they encouraged one another under pressure and were able to process information quickly and cooperatively. All answers in the BOB competition are Titles and Authors. In the sudden death round that we faced because of a tied score, the answer was a title/author combination that our team had struggled and worked through in practice. When they were able to answer the question, the look of deserved pride and accomplishment on our team’s faces was one of my best memories of the year.

Our team was delighted to place 4 out of 12 teams at last year’s competition. 

Our BOB interest meeting is on Thursday, September 12 at 7:15 in the Panther Learning Commons for parents and students. Moving forward our team will meet on Thursday mornings from 7:15-7:40 in the Learning Commons.