St. Paul's Lutheran School

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8/29: School Begins 1/2 Day SAC Open 12pm

9/4: Labor Day- SAC Closed Holiday

9/29:1/2 Day- Faculty In service- SAC Open 12pm

10/27: 1/2 Day End of 1st Qtr. SAC open 12 pm     

11/2: 1/2 Day Parent/Teacher Con. SAC Open 12 pm 

11/3: Parent/Teacher Con. School Closed- SAC Closed

11/10: Veterans Day- SAC Closed Holiday

11/20:Thanksgiving Break Nov. 20-22 School Closed-SAC SAC Closed

11/23: Thanksgiving Break- SAC Closed Holiday

11/24: Thanksgiving Break- SAC Closed Holiday

12/6: SAC Christmas Open House 3-6pm

12/16: 1/2 Day Christmas Break Begins- SAC Open 10am

12/20: Christmas Break SAC open 7am-8am ONLY, Closed after 8am

Dec. 21-Jan 5 School Closed- SAC Sign Up Required

1/15: MLK Day School Closed- SAC Sign up Required

1/26: 1/2 Day End of 2nd Qtr. SAC Open 12 pm      

2/19: Presidents Day- SAC Closed Holiday

3/2: 1/2 Day Special Friends Day SAC Open 12 pm     

3/12: OCLSA In Service School Closed- SAC Sign Ups Required 

3/23: 1/2 Day End of 3rd Qtr SAC Open 12pm   

3/30: Good Friday- SAC Closed Holiday

4/2-6: Easter Break April 2-6 School Closed- SAC Sign ups Required

5/25: 1/2 Day Mini Olympics SAC Open 12pm

5/28: Memorial Day- SAC Closed Holiday

6/6: Last day of school- SAC open 7-8 AM only. SAC Closed after 8am

6/7: SAC Closed

6/8: SAC Closed

6/11: SAC Summer Begins     

7/4: 4th of July- SAC Closed Holiday     

8/16: Last Day of Summer Camp    

8/17: SAC Closed

8/20- 8/24: SAC Closed