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Student Earthquake Kits

Put all items in a 1 or 2-GALLON SIZE plastic bag. Zip-Loc works well. You may have to stuff the bag carefully more than once to arrange a way to get all items in it. The bag must be completely closed to avoid spillage of items. It IS possible!!

1. Water – 1-2 8oz. bottles.
2. Three or four small, single-packaged & sealed foods such as: dried fruit, crackers, beef jerky, granola or energy bars with high calorie count (2400 - 3600) usually found in health food stores. No metal containers. Avoid too much salt (sodium). Avoid too much sugar.
3. Toothbrush & travel size toothpaste.
4. Reassuring note/letter from parents - explaining all is okay, you'll get to the school as soon as you can, etc...
(Please include a copy of a picture of your family, the family dog or your home for comfort purposes.).
6. Kleenex (small package).
7. Sweatshirt (may also include a change of underwear and/or socks).
8. One or two feminine products (if appropriate).
All items are MANDATORY and DUE BY September 1st, 2017.
To ensure each child is prepared, your child's teacher will check individual Student Earthquake Kits. If all items are not in your child's bag, the bag will be returned home so it can be completed and sent back to school on September 11th, 2017.

For questions regarding Student Earthquake Kits, please feel free to contact me directly at 714-921-3188 ext 203.

Kristin Fink
Assistant Principal